The scent of Argentina

The translation into English is finished by Paul M. Tukey (RI/USA).
Proofreading is in progress:
The English edition will be released on AMAZON by May 2024

This novel weaves around the historical events of post-WW2 Argentina with a poignant love story.

Romantic like a first tender touch.
Dramatic like a tango
Musical like the longing tone of a bandoneon

Esperanza Darno, a German-Argentine singer, and El Ruso, a Polish violinist, two people whose origins could not be more different, flee the destroyed Europe of the Second World War and build a new life for themselves in Buenos Aires. They fall in love in the musical world of the tango orchestras, which had their heyday after 1945. They enjoy the wonderful world of tango music and the people inspired by tango. On a tour of their orchestra, they marvel at the beauty and diversity of Argentina. However, their newfound life and love are put in jeopardy when shadows of the past emerge.